SAIZ fit analytics interface and money saved from e-commerce size solution.

Transform Your Approach to Size & Fit

Addressing sizing challenges at the root cause - from product development to customer satisfaction.
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Why SAIZ Studio

Your AI tool to solve sizing and fit at the root cause

Fit Avatars

Innovative profiles offering a dynamic view of customer shapes.

Customer Behavior

Tailor strategies with detailed purchasing and return data.

Fit Insights

Pinpoint which products excel or need improvement.

A size recommender is not enough.

SAIZ Studio, reduce returns and increase conversions. A collection of interface images.

What can you expect from SAIZ Studio?

Innovative Analytics: A breakthrough in understanding customer size and fit.

Collaborative Environment: Empower your brand with shared data analysis.

Real results: join the ranks of leading fashion brands achieving lower returns and higher conversions.

Stefan Wenzel, Non-Executive Director at SAIZ, Former Global Vice President Digital at Tom Tailor & 20+ years industry experience.

Stefan Wenzel

Investor, Advisor and Non-Executive Director at //SAIZ. Industry Expert & former MD Tom Tailor Digital, Otto, CEO Ebay Germany.

"Over the last 20 years, I have seen countless feature-providers fail to reduce returns. SAIZ is the first RetailTech solution to finally go beyond user body data and fill in the missing piece: garment measurements."

Make every fit perfect, every decision data-driven, and every customer satisfied. Welcome to the future of fashion e-commerce.

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