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SAIZ delivers the most accurate size predictions to your customers and right analytics to you

We solve sizing and fit by deep-diving into your products, average customers & their shopping preferences

The most accurate size advisor. SAIZ second generation sizing solution.
Optimize Products

Optimize Products

Know exactly what your customers look like and make them your fit models. Fit consistency across all products: learn from your best and worst performers when it comes to grading and fit.

Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions

Help your customers choose the right size when shopping with you. Give them the confidence to make the right decision.

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Reduce Returns

The first sizing solution that actually helps reduce returns based on a 1:1 match between your customers and your products.

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Over 7% reduced returns

In only 2 months after SAIZ implementation.

Did you know most product returns in e-commerce and online shopping are size and fit related?

When it comes to Fashion E-commerces and Online Shopping, the number one driver of returns is the fit of the actual garment and consistency of fit within a brand. Some size-related returns happen since customers do not know what size to choose, but most fit-related returns occur due to the struggle of creating consistent fit and knowing your customers' fit and bodies in the online shopping landscape.

Accepting high return rates & assuming product sizings without customer data is not a solution.

Avoid benchmarking against industry return rates. Your focus should be only on YOUR OWN RETURN RATES. How can you utilize customer data to guarantee the right fit every time and see your return rates decrease? Don't let imperfect sizing go undetected due to lack of valid data on fit of your customers!

Poor fit leads to lower brand loyalty.

Poor fit makes it harder to create bestsellers.

Returns are a huge cost driver. 20% of an items price on overage goes into returns.

Other sizing tools don’t focus on the real problem.

Returns are the real problem. Other sizing tools focus on short-term impact by giving customers the feeling of making the right decision with inaccurate size prediction. This leads to increase in conversion, but doesn’t solve the issue of sizing and the returns.

Most use rough statistical estimations based on other brands or return rates, not individual products.Poor fit leads to lower brand loyalty.

By neglecting return rates without data-driven suggestion optimization, and focusing only on conversions, leads to a conversion increase, but no return reductions. And it does not tackle the root cause: fit of the actual garment.Poor fit makes it harder to create bestsellers.

The overall accuracy of other sizing tools is extremely low.

Not optimizing your fit & sizing costs you a huge amount of money per month.

wrong size

returns are sizing & fit related; with each return costing ~20% of an item’s price

SAIZ size advisor widget interface.
In 3 steps

SAIZ instantly delivers the most accurate size predictions to your customers and right analytics to you. Develop the perfect fit to decrease returns & increase conversions.

The most accurate sizing tool with product & customer analytics through an easy integration.

Integrate SAIZ with your online store.

Simple Integration with Shopify or with any other online shop system

Use historical data to start with

Setup once, collect data with ease in the future


Collect customer & product data to gain advanced e-commerce insights.

Know what your customers looks like and which sizes they shop & return

SAIZ matches product measurements with customer measurements. It is the only tool that can translate 2D production information into numeric 3D twins of each product. The SAIZ AI creates digital twins of shoppers.

No sensitive customer data is accessed by SAIZ nor is any sensitive data transmitted. All data is stored & processed in the EU & GDPR compliant

Collect Customer

Optimize your products with customer data, reduce returns and increase e-commerce conversions.

Make your customers your fit model: use SAIZ Advanced Analytics to optimize your product fit across all categories.

Fit consistency across all products: learn from your best and worst performers when it comes to grading and fit.

Optimize Products

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