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SAIZ Recommender, the most accurate size advisor. reduce returns and increase conversions.

Reduce returns & Increase conversions

SAIZ Recommender, the most accurate size advisor

95%+ Accuracy

Minimal User Input

2+ Million Weekly Users

10+ Languages Available

Size Recommendations & Fit Indication

Available for women's and men's apparel (excluding shoes and kids)

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How does it work?

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Products Analyzed

2nd Generation

Sizing Solution

Are you addressing the main issue at its core?

SAIZ focuses on refining the full fashion customer experience, from design & production to sales. It's not a quick-fix tool but a commitment to long term sustained growth in your business.
Why is SAIZ different from other tools?
A diagram of how SAIZ is a second generation sizing solution, solving a problem that other solutions don't even see.

SAIZ helps you optimize products, drastically reduces your returns, and ensures they remain at an all-time low, elevating your brand's reputation and customer satisfaction.

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Understand your real customer size & preference better than ever before.

Unlock actionable insights & analytics regarding customer base, size & fit requirements in order to enable structural improvements in design, size patterns, fit modelling and make overall better business decisions.

Gain insights into your customers' true size and preferences, and tailor offerings to enhance brand loyalty and drive sales.

Advanced Analytics

Data-Driven Insights

Discover Sizing Trends

Product-Fit Optimization

Reduce returns and increase conversions with SAIZ, the most accurate size advisor.

SAIZ as a Toolbox.

Our comprehensive toolbox is designed to provide you with real-time KPIs, ensuring you're always informed and ready to make impactful decisions for your brand.


Monitor the fit rates of your products to understand how well they match your customers' profiles.

Conversion Rate

Track your conversion rates and see which products or categories are performing better.

SAIZ Usage

Increase Conversions

Gain insights into how frequently and effectively SAIZ is being utilized by your customers.

Return Rate

Reduce returns and increase conversions with SAIZ Solutions.

Minimize losses, identify the reasons behind returns and analyze their fit rates for actionable insights.

Simple Integration

Our team will do the necessary set-up for you!
Reduce returns and increase conversions with SAIZ Solutions.
Stefan Wenzel, Non-Executive Director at SAIZ, Former Global Vice President Digital at Tom Tailor & 20+ years industry experience.

Stefan Wenzel

Investor, Advisor and Non-Executive Director at //SAIZ. Industry Expert & former MD Tom Tailor Digital, Otto, CEO Ebay Germany.

"Over the last 20 years, I have seen countless feature-providers fail to reduce returns. SAIZ is the first RetailTech solution to finally go beyond user body data and fill in the missing piece: garment measurements."

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