Reduce returns & increase conversions with the most accurate size advisor

SAIZ fits individual products to individual shoppers making it the most accurate size recommendation and fit solution.
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Why SAIZ Recommender?

Reduce returns: 7% to 10% proven reduction

Significantly lower return rates by providing accurate size recommendations.

Increase conversions: 5% proven uplift

Boost your sales conversions with the confidence of a perfect fit.

Insightful product optimization

Gain valuable insights on sizing and fit to optimize your product offerings.

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SAIZ Recommender, the most accurate size advisor. reduce returns and increase conversions.

Key Features That Set Us Apart

SAIZ Recommender, the most accurate size advisor

95%+ Accuracy

Minimal User Input

2+ Million Weekly Users

10+ Languages Available

Size Recommendations & Fit Indication

Available for women's and men's apparel (excluding shoes and kids)

SAIZ as a Toolbox

Our comprehensive toolbox is designed to provide you with real-time KPIs, ensuring you're always informed and ready to make impactful decisions for your brand.

Integration Features

Simple integrations with Shopify or with any other online shop system.

Success Metrics

Track your conversion rates and see which products or categories are performing better.

SAIZ Usage

Increase Conversions

Gain insights into how frequently and effectively SAIZ is being utilized by your customers.

Return Rate

Reduce returns and increase conversions with SAIZ Solutions.

Minimize losses, identify the reasons behind returns and analyze their fit rates for actionable insights.

Rich & Royal's Success with SAIZ

A 7% Reduction in Return Rates: A Case Study in E-commerce Optimization. Download below to understand how we achieved this!

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Join the revolution in fashion retail and be part of the movement towards smarter, more sustainable fashion e-commerce.

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