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SAIZ is where fashion meets data-driven precision. We're on a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry by solving the age-old challenge of size and fit. Powered by advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, we provide accurate size recommendations and fit solutions, empowering brands to reduce returns, enhance customer satisfaction, and embrace sustainability. Join us as we reshape the future of fashion through innovation and technology.

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Our Mission

At SAIZ, we're not just about data, we're about your success. Our mission is to make your fashion e-commerce business more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

By leveraging the world's largest fashion database, we empower you to deliver an unparalleled customer experience that's as data-driven as it is delightful.

Trusted Industry Experts on the SAIZ Advisory Board

Sven Rittau

CEO of K5, Zooplus co-founder & e-commerce expert with vast industry experience.

Stefan Wenzel, Non-Executive Director at SAIZ, Former Global Vice President Digital at Tom Tailor & 20+ years industry experience.

Stefan Wenzel

Investor, Advisor and Non-Executive Director at //SAIZ. Industry Expert & former MD Tom Tailor Digital, Otto, CEO Ebay Germany.

Corinna Umbach

Advisor at SAIZ with 20 years experience and a proven branding expert in the Fashion Industry.

& Many More

Our Vision

We are committed to building the world's biggest fashion database
with which we will make fashion more efficient and sustainable.

Improved Bottom Line

Leveraging Data & AI to enhance sizing, streamline operational efficiency, reduce returns and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Product Development

Tailor products to customers' unique needs, elevating product development with advanced analytics, consumer insights & AI-driven sizing.


Leveraging tech and innovation to optimize fit, minimize waste, reduce carbon footprint and drive fashion sustainability.

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